AXAS – The Evolution of Prozign Architects

By definition: PROZIGN INC., founded by Principal Alan Sadeghpour AIA in 1988, has done business as ?PROfessional-Z(axis)-desIGN Architects,” AKA ?Architecture X by Alan Sadeghpour?/ ?Architecture for Life.? Though we will legally remain PROZIGN INC., in the future we will be doing business simply as AXAS.

Our integral role as AGENT for a PRINCIPAL / Client in the formation of a BUILDING / space, informs our name: [Agency X (by) Architectural Service].

AXAS is a simple formula that states: Architectural Service established through a team relationship known as Agency relative to the exclusive building design and the team organization sought to realize this goal. The idea of Agency is applied as both the literal and conceptual definition of our structured approach in various project delivery relationships.

We are a functionally-driven design office, providing insight and representation necessary to the communication and support of intelligent relationships between the client, the constructed form, and the practical use and enjoyment of space.