• Parking Garages
    When designing parking areas, we take all aspects into consideration, focusing on functionality, ease of use, time, space, safety, and convenience. We provide beautiful and highly-functional parking structures for a variety of venues, from the Houston Rockets Stadium to the IAH Airport System and Texas A&M Kyle Field.
  • Libraries
    A library should be a sanctuary in which patrons feel comfortable and inspired to work. In past projects, we’ve aimed to provide this with aesthetically-pleasing group and quiet study areas, comfortable, ergonomic seating and work spaces, and lighting, colors, and textures to create inviting and welcoming spaces.
  • Industrial
    Industrial facilities require a structured, functional layout with strategic use of space to ensure that operations run smoothly. We know that industrial clients require specialized expertise when it comes to conceptual planning, design, programming, and more, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide this.
  • Office
    For years, we have consulted clients on the best use, shape, and function of their buildings. From corporate to medical offices, we know how to make a building perform for the client’s specific needs. Whether you need space utilization studies, complex reprogramming, or simple finish renovations, our role is to make your space work for you.