• Interior Design
    Our team includes Registered Interior Designers and our approach to interior design is integrated with the concept of each project early in the design phase. We select materials, fixtures, furniture, equipment and other elements that bring each specific function and aesthetic vision of a project to life.
  • Programming
    Programming a project is the most vital step to ensuring a building is used to its best ability and that each function relates in a seamless flow. Through working with owners, users and stakeholders early in the stages of design. We offer workshops to help form opinions and test ideas for how the building will serve individual departments, classrooms, support functions and various other project specific needs.
  • Master Planning
    In understanding a campus to work as a set of functional adjacencies we study functional relationships to realize where buildings are best located. Integrating ideas of vehicular and pedestrian circulation paths with landscape conditions offers a master plan that acts as a fabric of interactions between people and buildings.