Joo Casino – the customer will find everything he wants to see in this casino

Strictly speaking, poker, of course, is also a card. And table games. However, video poker is often given an additional menu item. This is no different from . The customer will find several variations of this game here and thus can easily enter the world of poker.

Joo Casino – the implementation of the bonus is done at a high level

The bonus is very well established in online casinos. It is an additional service provided by the provider. It gives the customer either extra money to play with, free spins, or a combination of both elements. The goal here is to thank the customer for opening an account and give them another reason to play.

Joo Casino has a combination, although at first glance it looks a bit unusual. First of all, the customer has the opportunity to play jackpot slots with a deposit of at least one euro. Operators Joo Casino very cleverly “sell” the bonus. The customer has a chance for 80 spins of 25 cents each on jackpot slots. This is basically the equivalent of 80 free spins. The provider itself calls it “80 chances to be a millionaire at once.” In addition to these free spins, there are also deposit bonuses. This applies not only to the first deposit, but also to the first five deposits. There is a 100% bonus on the first deposit. Its total amount does not exceed 100 euros. Each of the next three deposits will be increased by 50%. However, the maximum possible amounts are different here. For the third deposit there is 80 euros, for four and five deposits the maximum amount of bonus money is 150 euros.

There is no wagering requirement for the bonus. Here at Joo Casino is no different. Thus, the client can not go and, for example, get the bonus money and immediately pay the amount to his or her account. This will not work. He always has to implement the bonuses first. For example, for the first deposit after the free spins the bonus amount must be wagered 60 times. All other deposits must be wagered 30 times before the player is allowed to withdraw the bonus as real money. The customer must also keep in mind that not all games can be counted for the bonus in equal shares. Players who enjoy playing online slots can breathe a sigh of relief. Your bets will count for 100 percent for the bonus. Those who prefer to sit down at a gaming table and relax, such as blackjack, will only have to settle for ten percent. Classic Blackjack is included in the terms of sale only to the extent of two percent. There are separate terms and conditions for bonus services. If you look at these terms and conditions, you will find there a list where the buyer can see which games are included with what percentage.

Joo Casino – the customer can get an idea of how he can deposit his account

Depositing and withdrawing is a very important point, but it is often overlooked. Completely wrong! After all, payment methods determine how a customer transfers real money to their gaming account and how they can withdraw it from there. The more payment options an online casino offers, the more customers it can win when in doubt. Because not every customer has a credit card or wants to use one. So variety is a very good tool here.

If you look at the Joo Casino website, you will first of all be surprised to find that there is no long list or series of payment service provider logos. There is only one logo at the bottom of the screen, but it changes over and over again. For example, a different payment method is displayed here every second. In this way, the customer can already get an idea of how they can top up their account. There are, for example, the bank methods Giropay and Sofort├╝berweisung. If the customer pays with these, he can immediately access the money deposited. However, the prerequisite is online access to your own current account, because the transaction requires both access data and a valid TAN. Of course, the credit card industry is also represented. Visa and Mastercard, the “big two” of the industry are part of it. Electronic wallets are currently on the rise. These include Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. Here, too, the amounts paid are immediately credited. However, if you want to use these options, you must have a valid account with these providers. Debit cards are covered by Visa Electron, Maestro or Entropay. Using prepaid credit is also innovative. It is possible with the Paysafecard. The customer buys this card for a certain equivalent value and then transfers it to his gaming account. He can also decide whether to transfer the amount to the game account in one go or in small installments.